"On this album the listener will discover creative jazz, Brazilian samba, acoustic Japanese heavy metal, blues guitar riffs, prog-rock, ballads, Indian sitar/twang sounds, guitar pedal effects, Balkan rhythms, as well as exotic meters such as 15/16... it is recommended that the audience listen without categorizing the music!"

-- Onigawara Records

2013 JJA 'Best of'
"Sharp Three Zero Cool... thrilling adventures!"

-- Jazz Journals Association

"There is a great explosion of gear-work on 'Boom!' The pedal effects, the rhythms and the bass lines forge what can only be called 'techno-prog.' This song—a Goh composition—is the love child of King Crimson and the Chemical Brothers. In the midst of all that, Chuck finds the groove and anchors the movement of Kai's thunderous bass-work."

-- JazzTimes Magazine

2013 TOP 25 (new music critiques)
"Sharp Three... expansive soundscape!"

-- Music Connection

West Coast Tour (written in Japanese)


-- LA18 TV


"ZERO COOL" is now on
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Exclusively on Bandcamp is a 10 track special edition of the album for digital download. This download includes a bonus take!

BUY THE DVD (for yourself, family, and friends... a zero cool gift) This DVD captures the recording session of "ZERO COOL" in it's entirety. It features 4 bonus takes from the session.

BRILLIANT STRINGS (curated by S3's Goh Kurosawa)

Highlights from Brilliant Strings - vol.3: "Transcending Borders"

Andre LaFosse (Turntablist Guitar)

SHARP THREE played live on KXLU 88.9FM hosted by Eddie Becton, 8/25/13.

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